how to squirt May 30, 2020



I find that so many men are interested in how to make a woman squirt! It is incredible! And I understand why... 

Having a woman squirt gives her an incredible sense of release, pleasure not yet known, the body just takes over and she surrenders into bliss...

And for a man.. to witness that and know that you were the reason for her pleasure just strikes your ego and confidence like nothing else!

Biologically speaking, all women have the physical attributes necessary to squirt. However, there may be a few barriers in place which make squirting difficult or ‘impossible’ for a number of women.

As men we like to simplify things down to the physical technique but that is the reason why most guys who have made a girl squirt can only do so inconsistently.


What does it mean is that if the woman is not willing to open up her body to you, you have a very little chance to make her squirt. It can happen in the height of...

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SQUIRTING - 7 Make-or-Break Tips

how to squirt May 26, 2020



Squirting is wet, hot, messy and ADDICTIVE. I loooooove it myself. It is one of my favourite things.

Squirting seems to be this mythical phenomenon in the realm of female orgasms yet it is not that complicated as many people say.


Biologically speaking, all women have the physical attributes necessary to squirt. However, there may be a few barriers in place which make squirting difficult or ‘impossible’ for a number of women.


So Let me give you 7 make-or-break points when it comes to squirting.


Number 1 - Hydration

Your partner needs to be properly hydrated to be able to squirt. There is a lot of fluids that the body releases during sex including sweat and lubrication in her vagina. On top of that, some women can release anywhere from a cup or two of fluids squirting so imagine what it does to her system if she is dehydrated. So sometimes you can ‘fail’ simply because she did not drink enough...

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Best SEX Positions to Squirt

how to squirt May 09, 2020

Best SEX Positions to Squirt


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Welcome to the Squirting Series the ultimate squirting guide, I have 4 videos that will walk you through, How to squirt with Fingers, the Best Sex Toys for Squirting & 7 Make or Break tips & this video how to make her squirt during intercourse, I also have 1 Extra special tip at the end of this video.

Make sure you watch all 4 videos as they all tie in together to give you all the tools, techniques and knowledge you could ever need. One of the great things about making a girl squirt during sex is that it does not require deep penetration as the G-spot is only about 1-3 inches inside of the vagina. So length is not an issue here. What you need is sex positions that allow for maximum G-spot stimulation and...

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How to Squirt Tutorial | Make Her Squirt Like a PRO In 3 Simple Steps

Today is your lucky day because I will show you how to make ANY FEMALE them squirt! That right any female there are lots of tutorials around but none of them include my secret sauce to help you, help the women that say this just not possible!!

Hi everybody, I am Rob Bampton and today we will be talking about SQUIRTING.

I LOOOOOOVE SQUIRTING. It is one of my favourite things! especially to women that havent or think they can’t do it, Imagine as a man having not ejaculated for 30 years… For the women if you can create the right environment it really will be an amazing release. Today’s video will give you all the practical information for you to be the one that will make her squirt!

I will explain you basics about squirting and then I have for you 3 steps to the ultimate squirting experience.

My goal for this channel is to educate men on how to be better lovers and give them easy to follow step by step processes so please stay tuned for more videos by subscribing and...

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