Men speaking about sex

male sexuality sex taboo Aug 01, 2020

Men speaking about sex


Have you noticed how, as men, we speak about sex?

With beer in our hand, we openly boost about our craziest experiences, we make fancy comments about the women we hook up with...

But when it comes to sharing where we are at or what has been challenging for us? There is silence.

What about even having a conversation about our skills? Not to boost but to admit we might not be so self-assured. And we do need some extra tips. How many men dare to open that type of conversation?

I am not opening up this conversation and challenging uou because I want to have hours long convos about our sexual experiences.

But I want to be open enough to be able to say..I struggle with making her squirt..do you have any tips?

Or I am addicted to porn? Can you hold me accountable?

We can learn from each other. We can support one another. We can be okay talking about sex..it is a part of everyone's life anyway.

So where are you at?

One reason why I started Sexual Mastery is to...

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Your sexual prowess

Your sexual prowess

There is one thing I have learned on my own journey with my sexuality..there is always NEXT LEVEL.

No one voluntarily decides to be in bed, right!?

And some of us just naturally know where to touch, what to do. Bit more than the others. But no one is born a MASTER. The 10,000 hours rule can be applied to anything in life and it works with sex too.

If you never ever learn and further develop your skills as a lover, you will hit the ceiling at some point. There is no doubt. One proven technique won't do it for the rest of your life.

So what do you do to progress? What do you do to bring variety? What do you do to explore your edges? Where do you go to find out what you don't even know yet?

I was naturally curious. I just learned in the field But I also spent ridiculous amount of time researching tip and tricks I could use. So whenever I got the chance, I learned and then went and practiced.

It took forever though. I had no guidance. I just...

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What if you cum too quick?!

What if you cum too quick?

Are you on of those guys that struggles with the timing of his ejaculation?

You are not the only one!

I was there too, in fact.

Many years ago I did not have any control about how long my ejaculation lasts, how long will it take before I peak during sex, how long do I have sex for..

I was just going with it and had sex..and I thought it is NORMAL to get aroused, cum and be done.

I was at the mercy of my own body. And it was okay.

But then I wanted more.

I wanted to have control over my penis.

I wanted to decide what will happen.

I wanted to decide WHEN it will happen.

What if there was a way, a practice that could get you in charge?!

Would you be interested?

Would you want to know how to last 5 minutes? 10 minutes? 30 mins? Or even an hour? Or two? Still having sex but knowing how to work with your arousal so that you just cum WHEN YOU WANT TO?

It seems as it is normal to just have sex how it comes but many men do it just because they don't know any other...

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