Best SEX Positions to Squirt

how to squirt May 09, 2020

Best SEX Positions to Squirt


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Welcome to the Squirting Series the ultimate squirting guide, I have 4 videos that will walk you through, How to squirt with Fingers, the Best Sex Toys for Squirting & 7 Make or Break tips & this video how to make her squirt during intercourse, I also have 1 Extra special tip at the end of this video.

Make sure you watch all 4 videos as they all tie in together to give you all the tools, techniques and knowledge you could ever need. One of the great things about making a girl squirt during sex is that it does not require deep penetration as the G-spot is only about 1-3 inches inside of the vagina. So length is not an issue here. What you need is sex positions that allow for maximum G-spot stimulation and that allow her to keep her body and muscles around her pelvis relaxed and follow this how to squirt tutorial.

POSITION N. 1 GSPOT POSITION The G-spot position looks a bit unconventional, It allows a lot of space for you to penetrate her deep but also to find the right angle that stimulates her G-spot. The trick is in lifting her hips. It does not have to be much, but that slight change in the angle is all it takes to change the game. Either lift her up or even place a pillow underneath her butt this is one of the best sex positions to squirt. To get into the position, have her lie on her back on the bed with her legs in the air, pointing at the ceiling. You can penetrate her being on your knees for a higher lift or lower yourself down a bit. Then grab her legs on your chest and find the rhythm.

POSITION N. 2 BOUNCING SPOON This sex position is a fairly simple sex positions make her squirt, so gives you an opportunity to spice things up in the bedroom too. To perform it, you need to sit upright in bed with your back toward the wall. Get your lover to on top of you and then play around until you find what feels good. the angle of the penetration will allow you to hit the from wall of her vagina and you can also use your hands and play with the front of her body any way you wish. Just play and see what works best for your partner.

POSITION N. 3 JOCKEY POSITION Are you wondering why the name? It is because you will simply look like a jockey riding a horse when you are having sex in this position :) It is a variation of Doggy Style and one of my best tips to make a girl squirt. Your girl will be lying down on her stomach with her legs straight and together. Straddle her with your knees on either side of her waist and then enter her vaginally or anally and start thrusting. For excellent G-spot stimulation, move as far forward as you can then lift your butt up. Thrusting from the top down will hit the right spot so find the right angle and enjoy her going wild underneath you. You want to think about angling back down towards her thighs. TO add some flavour she can slide her fingers or a toy underneath herself which can help you towards the HOLY GRAIL of orgasms the g-spot vagina squirt and clitoral orgasm at the same time.

To learn about positions 4 and 5 on how to make a woman squirt, you will have to WATCH the video. And that is all I have got for you today. Don’t forget to go back to the other videos if you need any extra information about what allows women to squirt.

All videos combined you are set for a win! Thank for watching and I will see you in the next video. At Sexual Mastery, we are committed to educating Men(and women) on all things LOVE, SEX & RELATIONSHIPS. https://www.mysexualmastery.com/

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