How to Squirt Tutorial | Make Her Squirt Like a PRO In 3 Simple Steps

Today is your lucky day because I will show you how to make ANY FEMALE them squirt! That right any female there are lots of tutorials around but none of them include my secret sauce to help you, help the women that say this just not possible!!

Hi everybody, I am Rob Bampton and today we will be talking about SQUIRTING.

I LOOOOOOVE SQUIRTING. It is one of my favourite things! especially to women that havent or think they can’t do it, Imagine as a man having not ejaculated for 30 years… For the women if you can create the right environment it really will be an amazing release. Today’s video will give you all the practical information for you to be the one that will make her squirt!

I will explain you basics about squirting and then I have for you 3 steps to the ultimate squirting experience.

My goal for this channel is to educate men on how to be better lovers and give them easy to follow step by step processes so please stay tuned for more videos by subscribing and...

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