How Porn gets you hooked?

How Porn gets you hooked?!


Porn addiction is real and it is easy to be dragged into the loop that never ends. It is a New age addiction that influences millions of men. And as any addiction, it becomes a problem when you lose control.


Do you find yourself often in front of the screen?

Does it negatively impacts your life?

Do you know when to stop? Or have you lost control?


Porn makers know how to hook you up. There is a biologival predisposition men have that porn takes advantage of. It is called The Coolidge effect.

It basically says that men's system is wired to procreate. From biological point of view, the more men spread their semen and the more partners they have, the chances of their gene being brought into the world increase.

So when you see a new woman, your arousal is quick and high. The more you have sex with the same female, the less desire you actually feel. There is a decline in the intensity of your primal instincts.

But when faced with new...

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