How to Squirt Tutorial | Make Her Squirt Like a PRO In 3 Simple Steps

Today is your lucky day because I will show you how to make ANY FEMALE them squirt! That right any female there are lots of tutorials around but none of them include my secret sauce to help you, help the women that say this just not possible!!

Hi everybody, I am Rob Bampton and today we will be talking about SQUIRTING.

I LOOOOOOVE SQUIRTING. It is one of my favourite things! especially to women that havent or think they can’t do it, Imagine as a man having not ejaculated for 30 years… For the women if you can create the right environment it really will be an amazing release. Today’s video will give you all the practical information for you to be the one that will make her squirt!

I will explain you basics about squirting and then I have for you 3 steps to the ultimate squirting experience.

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So what is squirting?


Squirting is female ejaculation. It often gets confused with peeing. Mainly for two reasons. Firstly, just before the woman squirts, it feels as if she wants to go to the toilet. It comes through the same channel however it comes from a different gland.

Many women get scared that they will pee and they stop the experience, unaware that they are on the edge of squirting.

Squirting is experienced when the woman is able to relax and let go. There is a difference between clitoral orgasm and vaginal and G-spot orgasms. Clitoral orgasm is experienced as contraction. You stimulate the clitoris to the point when the whole body contracts into the peak experience. G-spot orgasm is different. It feels as an expansion, sinking in, letting go, It is a point of deep sense of release and complete surrender. Same is with squirting. You can’t push your way into it.

This where you come in, you want to create an experience where your woman is safe enough to completely let go into the pleasure she is feeling. I know that what ever comes out you are okay with it and in fact it will turn you on.

Time for the 3 steps to ultimate squirting experience

Step 1 – Set the scene

Prepare the space for the experience. Any place where you won’t be disturbed is perfect. If you want to add something extra, put on some nice music or light the candles. The environment needs to be relaxing so that your partner can let go.

Communicate your intention to your partner. Let her know that she can relax and just receive. Explain to her that you are fully here for her and she does not have to be afraid to feel all the sensations, including the sense that she has to pee. You are there for her and it is about the fun together. Let her know you expect nothing in return. recommend a towel

Then invite your woman to lay down and relax.

Step 2 – Build up

Women take longer to open and get aroused. You want to start with a massage of her whole body to activate every inch of it. Touch her, caress her and slowly build up the arousal she feels. This is already part of the journey. The more time you devote to these simple build up step, the easier it will be to make her squirt by the time you get to the G-spot. I would have her on her stomach and play particular attention to her midsection so work on the upper thighs bum and hips the idea is to get her to release and relax. I go into more detail on how to give a full-body tantric massage in our online course for men better in bed to check it out head to www.mysexualmastery.com

When her whole body is turned on, move onto vulva and massage her with her favourite strokes. You are further building up the excitement and the desire she is feeling. You can use stroke her clitoris or use your whole palm to massage the whole area. The aim here is to get her body ready to receive you. When you put your hand close to the vaginal opening, she will be automatically drawing you in with her pelvic muscles if she is there.

Step 3 – G-spot stimulation and squirting

When you feel her turn on drawing you in, insert two fingers in and start making your way to her G-spot. It is about 2 inchs inside of her vagina and it is a small spongy spot that will be stimulated.

Here is a pro tip and I haven't heard this tip anywhere rather then felling when your in the right spot of doing the right movement listen for it, the louder the noise the closer you are. I also encourager vocals for her to fully let go she will need to get vocal and let her know that anything is excepted.

The technique the come-to-me movement – I like to sit the the right of the woman with her legs open then with my right hand slide my two middle fingers in her vagina and then  start making the move from the back towards you, I generally start as deep as I can and work my way forward  and using sound as my guide . Start with slow and gentle movement and change it as you feel fit. All the time watching her reactions and doing what allows her to open more and more and feel all the arousal. Its important to help her relax through this process and tell her how sexy she is and that hearing her is turning you on.  I find sliding the 2 outside fingers into her asshole area and even sometimes sliding inside as things get very well lubricated down there but its also great way to get those fingers out of the road.

Make sure you stay tuned for the secret sauce the tip that makes all the difference

Keep in mind a few more things. I have had a lot of women cry during this process as it often can bring up sexual trauma also being fully excepted and surrendering can be emotional as I mentioned at the start its important to let her know this isn’t an exchange and you expect nothing in return. So whatever comes out just support I will go into somatic release at the end of the video as its a powerful healing tool.

Now for my secret sauce, what if the above doesn’t work in my experience if she feels safe and your doing the right technique that should cover 80/90% of women but what about the others well often times its due to them tensing there stomach they just can’t relax that area you can place your left hand on there stomach and try and help them to relax and make them aware of it, but if they can’t relax squirting just can’t happen without years of guidance to help them relax.

Well, what I learnt is if you bring their legs up and bend them back towards her shoulders this can be done with your left hand you will find that its very hard to tense in that position, so try the same motion and you should be able to help them release.

Remember every woman is different and experiences her pleasure differently. Don’t expect her to have certain way of showing up. Just be there and enjoy her particular expression.

And last but not least, unlike clitoral orgasm, women can often have several G-spot orgasms in a row without any brakes. It might look like a wave – she will reach the peak, then relax a little bit but before you know it her arousal is going up again and she is reaching another orgasm. You can keep stimulating her for as long as she loves it, just listen to her body and adjust the pressure when she drops and when she is reaching the orgasms.

Please write in the comments what would you like to see me do my next video on i would love to know what the viewers want!!

Now it is your time to take this knowledge and enjoy, This is a great exercise to start with as your partner does not feel the pressure to perform. Once she realizes that she can squirt it is much more likely for her to start experiencing it in the intercourse as well.

The possibilities are endless. I go deeper into this subject and how to make her squirt during sex in my online course for Men Better in Bed, head to www.mysexualmastery.com and sign up to receive exclusive free content and launch week bonuses.



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