SQUIRTING - 7 Make-or-Break Tips

how to squirt May 26, 2020



Squirting is wet, hot, messy and ADDICTIVE. I loooooove it myself. It is one of my favourite things.

Squirting seems to be this mythical phenomenon in the realm of female orgasms yet it is not that complicated as many people say.


Biologically speaking, all women have the physical attributes necessary to squirt. However, there may be a few barriers in place which make squirting difficult or ‘impossible’ for a number of women.


So Let me give you 7 make-or-break points when it comes to squirting.


Number 1 - Hydration

Your partner needs to be properly hydrated to be able to squirt. There is a lot of fluids that the body releases during sex including sweat and lubrication in her vagina. On top of that, some women can release anywhere from a cup or two of fluids squirting so imagine what it does to her system if she is dehydrated. So sometimes you can ‘fail’ simply because she did not drink enough water.


Number 2 - Essentials

Sex is just better when you have a few extra things handy. Especially with squirting. It is only going to take few extra minutes to play some music, throw a red scarf over your lamp, grab a towel so she does not have to worry about messing up your sheets, have extra lube on the bedside table so you don’t have to leave the room in the middle of the sex and find your sex toys that might be useful. A little bit of extra effort will go a long way because she will feel special and the environment will indirectly influence how she feels.


Number 3 - Drop her into her body

Sex is more than two bodies sliding on top of one another. The most incredible sex of our lives does not happen when we are thinking about work and we barely pay attention to what is happening in our body. Instead, the best place to have sex from is when you are in sort of a zen state - you are surrendered to the experience, you feel every inch of your body and you are so relaxed that there is no resistance to receive all the pleasure that is coming your way. Sort of like after reaaaaaally good massage. You can feel EVERYTHING. And this honestly works for both men and women - the more in your body you are the more you will feel all the pleasure and for women specifically, the more they are in their body, the more they are open to receive YOU. So start with a massage, breath together or play a game to get into the right zone.


Number 4 - Build trust

If the woman does not feel safe with you, she won’t open herself up to new experiences. In order for her to let go and relax, she needs to feel supported. Let her know that you are there for her, that all of her expressions are welcomed and you are there to explore together.

And then really be there. If she has emotions coming up and needs to release, hold her. It has nothing to do with you and any time woman releases what was stocked in her body, she opens to new levels of pleasure. Just be aware, that after such release she might be more sensitive and vulnerable for another 24 hours and might need an extra cuddle.


Number 5 - Push instead of squeeze

Women on the brink of squirting often feel as if they need to pee. The feeling is completely normal. Unfortunately, many women freak out and instead of relaxing the PC muscles, they squeeze to stop the potential pee coming out but that stops them from squirting too.

Be supportive and let her know that it is okay to try and experiment. It actually helps if she pushes slightly as that pushes the squirt out of her body.

The best way to lean in is to get her to go to the toilet before you have sex. That will put her at ease mentally and physically because she will know that her bladder is empty and she will have more confidence to try.


Number 6 - Stimulation? Soft or Rough

If you have watched a lot of porn, you might believe that the best way to make a woman squirt is to find the right technique and then rub and rub and rub. Often with quite a lot of strength. However, that does not work always and for all women.

Squirting happens if her pelvic muscles relax. So any type of stimulation you choose should help her to OPEN UP, not contract the muscles. And every woman is different. Some will relax under pressure, some will need way more tender approach and soft movement. And even the same woman will require different approach on various occasions.

You get to learn to read her body. You can always ask her what type of touch she desires that day or you can play and see what touch does she react to. What makes her body scream for more and arch with pleasure? If she starts contracting and pulling away from your touch, change your approach.


Number 7 - Squirting is not an orgasm

Squirting and orgasm are two separate events. She can release before orgasm, after, in between or at the same time. This is important to know when she starts squirting, because you don’t want to stop there. When she squirts it certainly means she is very aroused but not orgasming necessarily. You can continue playing with her because once the gates are open, she will keep on coming. And it will naturally blend with her orgasms. She is able to cum over and over again. The only limit is how much pleasure she can endure.


These 7 tips are your Holy grail! This will put her in the ideal mental state to be able to squirt during sex. Without the right drop-in, you can do all positions in the Kamasutra and fail miserably.

So once you understand the importance of this, then, only then focus on finding the positions to stimulate her G-spot. See the other blog post for more on that topic!



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