Your sexual prowess

Your sexual prowess

There is one thing I have learned on my own journey with my sexuality..there is always NEXT LEVEL.

No one voluntarily decides to be in bed, right!?

And some of us just naturally know where to touch, what to do. Bit more than the others. But no one is born a MASTER. The 10,000 hours rule can be applied to anything in life and it works with sex too.

If you never ever learn and further develop your skills as a lover, you will hit the ceiling at some point. There is no doubt. One proven technique won't do it for the rest of your life.

So what do you do to progress? What do you do to bring variety? What do you do to explore your edges? Where do you go to find out what you don't even know yet?

I was naturally curious. I just learned in the field But I also spent ridiculous amount of time researching tip and tricks I could use. So whenever I got the chance, I learned and then went and practiced.

It took forever though. I had no guidance. I just...

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