How to Give an Erotic Pussy Massage

Hi, It is Rob again and I have another SUPER EXCITING tool in store for you today! We will be speaking about PUSSY MASSAGE – otherwise called also yoni massage.

We have already spoken about fingering but pussy massage is LITTLE BIT different. As the name suggests – pussy massage - is – A MASSAGE! There is NO end goal of bringing your partner to orgasm.  This practice focuses on offering your partner space where she can fully relax and receive pleasure.

Pussy massage is a tool that will bring variety to your bedroom – it will deepen the connection between you and your partner – and it will broaden your skills as lover.

So how do you actually do it?

I will talk you through everything you need to know now.  We will cover what you do to prepare for the massage, then 5 steps to the massage itself – and what do you do after with some pointers about things to pay attention to. Once we are done, you will be ready to bring pussy massage to your...

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