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sex advice sex positions May 04, 2020

Hi everybody Rob Bampton here and welcome to sexual mastery.

Do you want to want to know how to spice up your sex life? Are you tired of practising the same sex positions in bed? 

Today, I am walking you through the 10 best sex positions.

I am NOT going to teach you sex positions that require you to twist your woman into a pretzel. Because if you do, believe me, you are going to make her very uncomfortable and sore. 

I am going to show you ways to transform your sex life and take you back to your teenage years, that said you dont need a million positions, only a handful.

So here is our personal selection of the 10 best sex positions.

Position number 1: The Lotus

It is the perfect position for intimacy, connection, warmth and of course, orgasm! The lotus is the symbol of the unity of masculine and feminine energies. Facing each other, you are easily able to look into each others eyes and kiss sensually.

Sit cross-legged while your woman sits on your lap with...

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How to Squirt Tutorial | Make Her Squirt Like a PRO In 3 Simple Steps

Today is your lucky day because I will show you how to make ANY FEMALE them squirt! That right any female there are lots of tutorials around but none of them include my secret sauce to help you, help the women that say this just not possible!!

Hi everybody, I am Rob Bampton and today we will be talking about SQUIRTING.

I LOOOOOOVE SQUIRTING. It is one of my favourite things! especially to women that havent or think they can’t do it, Imagine as a man having not ejaculated for 30 years… For the women if you can create the right environment it really will be an amazing release. Today’s video will give you all the practical information for you to be the one that will make her squirt!

I will explain you basics about squirting and then I have for you 3 steps to the ultimate squirting experience.

My goal for this channel is to educate men on how to be better lovers and give them easy to follow step by step processes so please stay tuned for more videos by subscribing and...

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How to Give an Erotic Pussy Massage

Hi, It is Rob again and I have another SUPER EXCITING tool in store for you today! We will be speaking about PUSSY MASSAGE – otherwise called also yoni massage.

We have already spoken about fingering but pussy massage is LITTLE BIT different. As the name suggests – pussy massage - is – A MASSAGE! There is NO end goal of bringing your partner to orgasm.  This practice focuses on offering your partner space where she can fully relax and receive pleasure.

Pussy massage is a tool that will bring variety to your bedroom – it will deepen the connection between you and your partner – and it will broaden your skills as lover.

So how do you actually do it?

I will talk you through everything you need to know now.  We will cover what you do to prepare for the massage, then 5 steps to the massage itself – and what do you do after with some pointers about things to pay attention to. Once we are done, you will be ready to bring pussy massage to your...

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5 Step Guide to Perfect Pussy Licking


If you hungry to give your woman the most incredible sexual experience of her life, then have Pussy for Dinner tonight!

In this video, I will share with you my 5 secrets to make any woman feel like she is in heaven with only your tongue, lips & fingers we also achieve this with variety which means you won’t get lockjaw or a tired tongue.

Hi everybody I am Rob Bampton from my sexual mastery dot com. I am committed to educating men on all things love, sex and relationships.

Did you know Up to 70% of women will not be able to reach a satisfying climax without oral stimulation. This sat blew me away when i first heard it. I then read that Some women even prefer cunnilingus to actual sexual intercourse. I guess it is the easiest way to orgasm and this is why you need to add this to your sexual repertoire.

Now let me share with you my 5 secrets to give her the most mind-blowing orgasms she has ever had.

Make sure to watch this video until the end as I am going to...

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