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Hi everybody Rob Bampton here and welcome to sexual mastery.

Do you want to want to know how to spice up your sex life? Are you tired of practising the same sex positions in bed? 

Today, I am walking you through the 10 best sex positions.

I am NOT going to teach you sex positions that require you to twist your woman into a pretzel. Because if you do, believe me, you are going to make her very uncomfortable and sore. 

I am going to show you ways to transform your sex life and take you back to your teenage years, that said you dont need a million positions, only a handful.

So here is our personal selection of the 10 best sex positions.

Position number 1: The Lotus

It is the perfect position for intimacy, connection, warmth and of course, orgasm! The lotus is the symbol of the unity of masculine and feminine energies. Facing each other, you are easily able to look into each others eyes and kiss sensually.

Sit cross-legged while your woman sits on your lap with her legs wrapped around you. 

Position number 2: The Hook Up

It is a variance of the missionary that increases pleasurable pressure on your penis. 

Your woman lies on her back with you on top. Let her hook her legs up over your shoulders. In this position, you have the control! If she wishes, she can cross her ankles behind your neck to tighten the vaginal canal. 

Play with her breast while making deep eyes contact to heighten the intimacy of the experience.

Now I am going to share a little secret for this position. Move mostly your pelvis rather than your whole body to conserve energy and make love longer.

Position number 3: The Crab

This sex position comes to us from the Kama Sutra [Add visual of the Kama Sutra]. It is a pleasurable twist if you like your girl being on top and it is a great position for deep penetration.

Lie on your back with your partner on top as she leans back with her arms supporting her weight, instead of her knees. Now, this position involves a bit of penis flexibility. So take it slow

Make sure you watch right till the end as we give you a bonus position called the gecko.. I promise you this one is a position you will remember for the rest of your life!

I really hope you guys are gaining some value from this video we also made a recent video on how to have tantric sex if you keen to check it out click on the link as its perfect to combine tantric sex with these positions.

Position number 4: The fusion


This is similar to the Crab except that you are both sitting up, supporting yourselves with your arms. 

Extend your legs in front of you and place your arms behind you.

Now, what I love about this position is that it allows for a range of movements to hit the spots that feel best.

I would absolutely love to know in the comments which is the position you are going to try just put the number in the comments below!!

Position number 5: The Butterfly

Say hello to the Butterly, the ultimate sexual position. It is easy to do and pleasurable for both you and your partner. If you're up for the challenge I encourage you to give this one a try.

So why do we call it Butterfly? 

When her legs are wide apart and you are thrusting, they simulate the movements of the wings of a butterfly. 

Now, she doesnt need to keep her legs wide apart and she can simply put them flat on your chest. 

To perform this position, stand next to the bed in front of your partner who lies on her back.

Pull her to the very end of the bed and place her legs flat on your chest or wide open. Her feet should be in the air right above your shoulders. Once there, enter her and push in as far as you can

The butterfly can be intensely sexual and gives you the opportunity to produces cervical and spot orgasms, I will go into the difference between these 2 in an upcoming video so make sure you subscribe and click the bell to receive notifications.

Position number 6: The Wheelbarrow

The Wheelbarrow sex position requires some arm strength to maintain the position. It is not the most fun and enjoyable sex position for both partners but it can certainly spice up your sex life.

Think back when in elementary school you had wheelbarrow races. Ah, nostalgia.

Well, now your woman will be the wheelbarrow. 

To perform this position, you need a little bit of technique. Have her rest her elbows or head on a pillow, with her butt in the air and pussy towards the ground. Grab hold of her ankles and lift her lower body. Have her knees bent and then penetrate her. 

Now stop here and don't race. In this position, your womans arms and hands will get tired incredibly quickly. She might not be able to hold it for more than a minute. 

So consider the wheelbarrow as a Sexercise and switch to a more relaxed position, which brings me to our next position.

Position number 7: Spooning

This is not a position for rough or hardcore sex, rather a recovery position. It is easy to perform and can be really intimate. 

You and your partner both lie on your sides, facing the same direction, with you behind. 

As you enter her, reach around with your hands and start exploring, rub around her clit and labia with your finger for an extra something something.

We actually use this position in our daily routine for around 10 minutes everyday with just minimal moment and deep breathing together.. what a way to start the day!!

Position number 8: The Criss-Cross 

Do you and your partner like to have a tighter feeling during sex? 

This is the position for you.

To perform it, stand up straight up while your partner lay down on her back on either a bed or a table. Her legs are pointing towards the ceiling. After you penetrate her, cross her legs at her ankles, experiment with how far to cross start small and communicate until you reach the sweet spot. It is quite similar to the Butterfly but provides a completely different sensation. 

Position number 9: The Dancer

This is a position that requires a little bit of leg strength without a lot of flexibility. Start by standing upright, facing each other. As your woman lifts one of her legs, hold it at your side.

You can look right in the eyes and hold each other closely for a more intimate feeling. Or you can spank her with your free hand or add some little anal fingering to bring a kinky twist.

Last but not least, position number 10: The Pretzel

OK, I know I told you at the beginning of this video that I am not gonna teach you sex positions that require you to twist your woman into a pretzel.

Yet, the Pretzel is a real sex position, but not the one that you have in mind. 

It can be enjoyable and comfortable for both partners. 

To perform the Pretzel, ask your woman to lie on her side and raise her top leg towards her chest. Straddle her straight leg while on your knees, and remain upright.

In this position, it is not about penetrating fast and hard. It is about slower, more gentle and intimate sex.

To bring some juiciness, ask your woman to self-pleasure

if you feeling adventurous Anal sex is also quite easy in the Pretzel position. Doesn't sound too bad, right?

Thats it for the 10 best sex positions. I hope you enjoyed my selection and you've gained valuable information. DID we miss any let us know in the comments below, few would love to give them a try!!

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Okay as promised the BONUS POSITION THE GECKO

WARNING: this is ONLY FOR the most daring of men with strong conflict resolution skills

You will need a wall for this one she can rest arms on the wall generally above her shoulders as you both stay fairly upright.

Now pull out and with no warning enter into anal, generally the result is a very surprised partner who is now squished up against the wall like a gecko….

As always thank you soo much for watching if you enjoyed it give us a like and it would mean the world if you can share this video maybe you know somebody that is willing to give the gecko a try?



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