One or the other? I chose BOTH!

desires kink tantra Jul 19, 2020

One or the other?!

I chose BOTH!


Claiming your desires is an incredibly freeing experience. It landed for me this one night...


I was about to travel out of the country. And at the time, I was sseeing two gorgeous women. And they both expressed their desire to meet up before I go.


I started to think. How can I make that happen? See one at 6pm and the other at 9pm. #hardchoice Or one for the whole night? But then I would to decline the other?

I was torn. 

So I asked myself..what do I really desire here?

I wanted to see them both!

And the lightbulb went on!


I wonder if they would be open to see me AT THE SAME TIME 😏


I texted one of them..

..and she said yes!

I texted the other..

And she also received with excitement!


What followed was one of the best nights of my life! I was in presence of two amazing women and we all made love all night long.


All of that..just because I realised what I desire and spoke it out loud.



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