How to Have Tantric Sex

tantric sex Jun 02, 2020


Would you like to know how to have sex for hours? Today I am walking you through on how to have Tantric Sex. I am going to give you 3 specific techniques in this blog. But if you want to explore more - I have 2 more techniques ready in THIS VIDEO for you.

Let me tell you why you should experience tantric sex. Tantric sex brings two loving partners together in more than a physical manner. 

Practising tantric sex will : 

  1. help you to preserve energy and nutrients through practising non-ejaculation.
  2. release an increasing amount of hormones important for good physical and mental health.
  3. allow you to have greater intimacy and connection with your partner.

In Sanskrit, tantra means to unite as you would weave together patches of fabric into a larger whole. Everything is interconnected and in communication. Nothing exists separately, and everything is part of the same reality. Tantric sex is the most popular aspect of Tantra, even though it is only a small part of it. You recreate this union between the feminine and the masculine. It provides sensation and sexual pleasure far more intense than a simple orgasm. You can experience multiple orgasms and an incredible connection with your woman.


So what are the specific technique you can try?

Technique number 1: Breath

Focusing on your breathing helps you to drop in the present moment and make you more aware of your body. It heightens your sensations and hence makes sex more exquisite because you will feel and experience more of it. 

Sit on the bed, face your partner, look into each others eyes, and breathe. 

Get in touch with the rhythm of her breath. 

Breathe in and out in unison with her breathing. Breathe simultaneously.

As you do that, you will naturally feel more connected to one another, you will be able to feel each other more. Then when you are making love, you not only have sex with her body and you make love to her being as well.


Technique number 2: Slow down

Do you undress her in less than a minute? Slow down and play with it. 

Do you immediately focus on her genitals? What if you slowed down and took a long time to carress her whole body.

Slow down!

And then when you think you are slow - slow down again! 

Tantric sex is not for impatient people. It is not a race to the finish. 

Tantric sex is slow and purposeful, but fun.

Tantra experts will practice the slow lovemaking for hours upon hours. But let's be honest. If you are trying tantric sex, you might not have the patience or the willpower to devote such time. Dont worry, relax. It is okay. 

The idea is to not rush, to enjoy yourself, and to SAVOUR sex as if it was the tastiest dessert in the world. 

You can get better at slowing down by practising what Tantra experts call the Daily Devotion.

The way it works is you and your partner spoon every day in the morning with her lying in front of you.

Insert your penis into her vagina and keeps it there for 5 to 10 minutes. Stay lying there, breathing together.

Dont make any movement, let your partner squeeze your penis and feel what happens.


Technique number 3: Eye Gazing ritual

In tantra, eye gazing is the gateway into the soul. It naturally puts you into a deep, trance-like state and it is a powerful tool to connect with your partner.

Sit down and look into each other's eyes with your palms facing up. Keep eye contact for at least 5 minutes. And just be present. This is a unique opportunity to be with your partner, present, without any distractions. Open up and see what happens.


As I said, there is technique 4 and 5. Watch THIS VIDEO  if you want to know more about how to have extraordinary tantric sex. 

Talk soon,

Rob Bampton

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