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Adam & Eve empowers people to explore sex and their sexuality in a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment. We believe sexual pleasure is a healthy and important part of life that should be understood and celebrated. More than a sex toy company, we’re your trusted partner in helping you become your sexiest self.


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Sexual Mastery offers the best sexual education and mastery courses for men you will find! Select the course below that's right for you. Go on, blow her mind!


  • Increase your energy levels and sex drive

  • Strengthen your erection and have more control

  • Last longer in bed

  • Move away from porn addiction

  • Satisfy your partner for longer

  • Learn the difference between ejaculation and orgasm

  • Learn about semen retention

  • Learn about edging

  • Become multi-orgasmic

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Are you committed to having a long term deep connection with your partner in and out of the bedroom?

Tantra for Couples is the ultimate course to help you connect with your partner on a deep and intimate level. In this course you will receive: 

  • 10 Intimate Tantric Practices
  • Real-Time Demonstrations, all available on an online teaching platform in the comfort of your home.
  • Lifetime Membership

PLUS you will receive: 

  • Men's Multiple Orgasm Challenge
  • Karma Sutra Sex Positions Guide
  • Fantasy Date Night

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This is the ultimate sexual education course for men! This course is organised into 4 Stages and contains over 40 Training Videos, Step-by-step Tutorials and Guided Workshops, so you can build the relationship you truly desire!

  • Become the BEST lover she has ever had!
  • 40+ Videos/6+ hours of Content
  • In-depth tutorials on pussy eating, sensual massage, squirting and more
  • Lifetime Access
  • Real Results that will change your sex life!

PLUS you will receive: 

  • Men's Multiple Orgasm Challenge
  • Tantra for Couples Course
  • 3 months access to Sexual Mastery on OnlyFans!

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Robbie Oz on Youtube


GET ALL THE BEHIND THE SCENES, You will get a mix of everything on our NEW youtube, couples vlog interviews with my co-stars something for everyone!!


The Better in Bed Course is organised into 4 Stages and contains over 40 Training Videos, Step-by-step Tutorials and Guided Workshops, so you can build the relationship you truely desire!

Introduction, then we work into some daily rituals, including some breath-work & our self pleasure challenge.

This is where it all starts, we work on any potential issues, then raise your sex drive and raise your intimacy levels. 

This is the fun part, we take you through connection work, sensual massage, easy to follow step-by step guided techniques.

Exclusive Interviews with some of the relationship & sexualities finest. We also have a full wrap up and where to fo from here.

Better in Bed Membership Includes

40+ Videos/6+ hours of Content

Access to all Future Content

Lifetime Access

Real Results


About Your Coach Robbie Oz

Hey guys. I am Robbie Oz and I have always been motivated to be the best in relationships, in and out of the bedroom. I used to spend hours upon hours researching all information I could. And then I went and tried it. Relentlessly.

Talking to my mates, I realized that the knowledge and insights I have gained are not common. So I decided to start Sexual Mastery in February 2020 - a platform that combines education & entertainment and stands for openly speaking of everything related to our relating. No shame, no inhibitions, no limits.

That is why we are here!


to give her the BEST SENSUAL MASSAGE!


Blow her mind and make her body tingle.

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Come and see us in action, don't miss any of the fun as we put everything that you will learn into practice on Only Fans! It's the perfect mix of naughty entertainment and sexual education! 


Blog Posts

In Sexual Mastery blog, we cover topics like Sex Positions, Squirting, Erectile Dysfunction, Orgasm & Ejaculation Control, Sensual & Erotic Massages & so much more.

"I have been married for 6 years and sex was a chore to say the least, I actually found Robbie on Pornhub and ended up buying Better in Bed. Not only is my sex life better BUT I have more energy in my everyday life and I have managed to drop my need for daily Porn visits.. LIFE IS GOOD"

Jared, 33yrs

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in fact this course is perfect for you. Not only do I have a-lot of fundamentals and solo work, I will also give you tools, techniques and mindset to help build your confidence and prepare you for your next partner.

You WILL have results from day 1. Just the fundamentals alone will get you on track for some big changes. We focus on raising your sex drive.

This is something I am passionate about. It's something everybody does and most of the time men do it the exact same way. So here it is your chance to make a change and bring some variety into your masturbation or as I call it self pleasure. The biggest part is it affects you in all areas of confidence and sex life.

There are many different levels in regards to this but the good news is a do help guide you and give you specific tools to guide you.

I will walk you through with an easy to follow step by step processes. It is a big step being able to talk about this and it's the first of many that will get you from where you are to where you want to be. 

YES, get excited I 100% will add that spark and much much more. Strap in guys.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Yes thats right. We are so confident you will love our online course that we are offering a FULL refund for those that don't feel like we given them a major upgrade in the bedroom.



Build Confidence

We will help you build the confidence you need to blow her mind, included is the steps I have personally learnt and taught and seen AMAZING results

Give her more Orgasms

This is the one thing I have been obsessed with every different option and I am now giving you the BEST OF THE BEST

Sexual Connection

Even with all the techniques NONE of it matter if you cant create this, Using practical  tantra. I give you the keys to cosmic connection

Last Longer

Erectile Dysfunction, is more common then you know, NO MATTER where you're at I will get you to lasting longer, staying harder with higher pleasure.

"I can not thank enough to Rob for putting this course together. I finally feel like I am in my body. I learned how to cultivate my own sexual energy and expanding my orgasmic potential. I had a bit of resistance to self pleasure practises at the beginning but the more I was doing it the more benefit I could feel. Now can't live without it! 🙂 Highly recommending it to everyone!"


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